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Quality Meat from Bernard Matthews Farms

If there’s one name above all that means turkeys it’s Bernard Matthews Farms. Famous for great tasting turkey products that are affordable for all, Bernard Matthews is also the name for top-quality turkey - and there’s nothing more bootiful than the kind of quality that you can enjoy in great new versions of classic dishes and family favourites.


High in protein and packed with flavour, turkey makes a gourmet meal any time of year. Use the minced thigh meat as a substitute for beef in delicious new versions of spaghetti Bolognaise and Chinese stir-fry. Barbecue or grill turkey breast with classic French sauces as a tasty alternative to chicken. Use up those leftovers in Turkey Caesar salad or club sandwiches. Try Turkey Kebabs skewered with peppers and garlicky croutons. Make a Turkey Tikka Masala with fresh-ground spices (but make sure you’ve got enough for second helpings all round).


There are so many delicious reasons to eat and serve more turkey – eating turkey can help towards a healthier balanced diet. Bernard Matthews Farms supports changeyourmeatnotyourmenu.co.uk a website that is packed with ideas on how you can serve your family’s favourite meals, but give it a healthier twist. Turkey is high in protein and makes a calorie-conscious alternative in classic gourmet dishes like Coq au vin or Cassoulet as well as family favourites.


And if you’re in a hurry, Bernard Matthews Farms turkey cooked-meat range also offers ingredients for delicious everyday choices such as Pasta Carbonara and turkey stir-fry. Bernard Matthews Farms are the turkey people and know pretty much everything there is to know about ways to eat turkey. They have an extensive range of turkey products and their website has loads of great recipe ideas and inspirations using their cooked meat range - there are even recipe ideas for turkey leftovers!


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a chef, go for turkey. You’ll amaze your family and friends - and keep a surprising amount of change in your pocket.

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