Stay healthy at work


Health at Work

It is important to remain healthy at work. This will both ensure the employee can do their job properly and maintain the quality of their personal life. Employees should take regular breaks throughout the working day, especially if they are largely at a computer screen. Catching 15 minutes of fresh air will enable an individual to take a step back from their work and may even enable them to think more clearly when they return to their desk.

Similarly, it is important to keep properly hydrated throughout the day. Many companies now have cooling stations where employees can enjoy fresh and cool water. This both helps the body function effectively and also refreshes employees.

Stress management at work

While many firms encourage employees to not exceed their contracted working hours and take their annual leave there are others which do not. Particularly during hard economic times, workers may feel the need to go the extra mile to prove there are worthy of their jobs. Such pressure can cause an employee to become unwell and is an unfair stress for staff to contend with.

To put it in context, stress is a well-known trigger of depression and can also adversely affect a sufferer's physical health. Therefore workers dealing with stress, such as bereavement, divorce of long-term illness should be given sufficient time by a company to deal with their personal problems. Pushing them professionally at a time when they are under personal strain could have a more serious negative impact on their lifestyle.

For those who feel stressed by day to day issues such as deadlines, they should speak to a senior member of staff about finding new ways to manage their diary that will reduce the pressure they are under. Managing tasks more effectively or making a plan for the month may enable the employee to carry out the same volume of work with a reduced stress level.

Exercise before or after work

Many people find exercising is a good way to let off steam. Going for a long run before work can make the body more alert and set you up for the day or you may find that after work you have time to think about your day, hence make productive plans to tackle tasks and burn off the pent up energy from a bad day in the office.

Furthermore, exercising promotes a healthier lifestyle overall. Feeling better in their own skin may help a worker tackle other aspects of their life. Being stressed about weight or body issues will only add to work stress, so tackling this area of their life may have a positive knock on effect in other areas.

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