What is Ageing and What Can You Do About It?


Tips on keeping your skin looking young.

Everyone knows that a healthy diet, exercise and hydration are needed for the body to function at its best. But for skin to maintain its healthy lustre as it matures, it needs a little more than vitamins and water, – it needs collagen.

Collagen is a protein and every mammal has it, but its value to the human body is often underestimated. If all of the components of a human body were individual pieces, like that of a jigsaw; bones, muscles, teeth, skin, hair - everything, then collagen would ultimately be the glue that holds it all together and keeps the pieces connected in one complex whole.

There are more than 25 different types of collagen proteins present in the body, and those which are responsible for the appearance of skin work hand in hand with elastin. Collagen is what gives skin its stable surface structure, and is what is ultimately responsible for the tone and firmness of it. However collagen cannot work alone. It relies on elastin, another protein which combines with collagen to give skin its flexibility. Together, these two proteins are responsible for giving skin its smooth texture and resilience.

It is when the body begins to lose its collagen and elastin that it begins to age; a form of decay which is natural and universal, although paying little attention to a healthy diet, exercise and hydration will contribute to speeding up this process.

Thankfully there are a number of products on the market which have been developed to support, encourage and restore the body’s production of collagen and elastin proteins. Some are designed to support athletes and some are developed to relieve the pain of ailments such as arthritis, but the most popular ones are those which are tailored to address ageing of the skin.

Proto-Col is a British company which has been making products to enrich collagen proteins in the body since 2003. When it launched it had one collagen based supplement, but the success of that has meant that almost ten years later, the company has a fully comprehensive portfolio of products. Among them, the Proto-col Collagen Face Mask and the rest of the Proto-Col Skincare system range is proving incredibly popular with celebrities at home and overseas.

Thanks to the scientific research and developmental efforts carried out by the likes of Proto-Col, individuals who need assistance to maintain healthy levels of collagen, elastin and the vitamins which sustain them, mean that the body is no longer defenceless against the onset of ageing and something can be done about it.

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