What Is Thread Vein Removal Treatment?


A guide to the techniques that can be used to safely and effectively remove unsightly thread veins.

With that time of year approaching when the sun starts shining and things get a lot hotter and more pleasant, most people are thinking of stripping off those extra layers and putting on their summer shorts and skirts. However, if you aren’t pleased with the appearance of your legs or skin, it can be a difficult and self-conscious time. Thread veins can really damage your confidence in your appearance and make you conscious about revealing your legs during the summer months. Fortunately, great advances in technology in recent years have enabled experts to concentrate on achieving greater results in thread vein removal techniques.

Thread veins are small blood vessels that over time can develop into larger, and more unsightly, blood vessels. People often find that the colour and prominence of such blood vessels detract from the appearance of their legs, leaving them less confident in their overall appearance. However, the removal of thread veins has become a simple and safe procedure that has astounding and immediate effects. There are two main methods of removing thread veins, and the one you choose will largely depend on your personal circumstances and preferences, although it is recommend that you book a consultation with a trained professional in order to gauge their exert opinion.

The first thread vein removal method involves using a laser to eliminate the veins, leaving you with clearer and less defined blood vessels. The laser utilises a process called photothermolysis, which helps to break down the unwanted red veins, and is administered in short bursts to avoid damaging the skin. Though the process does involve a minor level of discomfort, the treatment is incredibly safe and largely pain free. After the treatment you may notice a slight swelling or bruising, though this will quickly disappear, leaving only your fantastic looking legs.

The second removal method involves injecting a chemical solution directly into the veins and is known as sclerotherapy. Using a foamy, saline solution, the process helps to reduce the prominence of thread veins on your legs and is a great alternative to laser removal treatment.

As with all procedures similar to thread vein removal, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced professional, who has an in-depth knowledge of the field. They will be able to guide you through the process, and will know what is best suited to your specific circumstances. Thread vein removal, if supervised by a trained professional, can be a fantastic way to restore confidence in your appearance and enable you to start showing off your wonderful, unblemished legs.

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