The four D problems faced by the elderly


A look at some of complications we may have to deal with in old age

There are many issues that can affect our mind and body as we age. Some can be debilitating and may require mobility aids such as stair lift hire to make life easier, others may be more curable. These are some of the most common ones.


Dementia is an illness that affects people’s memory. As the brain gets damaged, the elderly suffering dementia will start experiencing problems thinking or reasoning; they may even find it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes or movies. Likewise, they might have memory loss problems even in familiar environments.

People with dementia should visit their GP as soon as any of those symptoms arise. The sooner the illness is detected; the less likely and the slower their memory will degenerate.


Depression affects a high number of older people these days. To avoid your beloved parent or older family member suffering from depression; make sure they are not left alone for long periods. Being in touch with family and friends is a great way of improving home life.


What is called ‘diabetes’ is actually a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has a high level of sugar in the blood. This could be caused either due to a poor or lack of body production of insulin (the substance that controls the sugar level) or because cells don’t recognise the insulin that is produced by the body. Type 1 DM and Type 2 DM are the two main types of diabetes.

Controlling the sugar intake is essential when suffering from diabetes. Being overweight and smoking are also direct negative causes of this illness. Having a healthy diet and controlling the sugar intake is therefore essential to keep the diabetes under control.

Disability and poor mobility

Experiencing mobility problems is also a very common problem among older people. As our muscles and bones age, they start losing strength and flexibility, which leads people to be more likely to fall or are unable to perform ‘difficult’ movements.

This could be improved by exercising and by adapting the living environment to your mobility needs. If physical conditions don’t let you move as you would like to, it might be worth taking certain measures in order to adapt your life to your needs. For instance, installing Stannah stair lift is a good idea to improve your autonomy at home.

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