Reducing the chances of setting off your allergies by keeping your home clean


A look at how keeping your home clean can help you manage your allergies

For those with allergies, keeping their condition under control can be a constant struggle. Allergens can present themselves in numerous forms and often any contact with the offending substance can have dire consequences.

Whilst many people think of serious allergies being connected to the consumption of certain materials, any physical contact with them can often lead to a reaction. Many allergens are airborne and those allergic to animal hair can often suffer from their condition even if the pet is not in the room.

Whilst there is generally no guaranteed cure for allergies, affected individuals can reduce their chances of having an allergic reaction. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through general cleanliness and that means keeping your home clean.

The first stage of this cleaning process is often hovering or vacuuming. These remove troublesome particles from carpets and flooring and can also be used to remove cobwebs from walls through the use of attachments.

These add-ons can also allow soft furnishing and items of furniture to be cleaned without causing harm to them. This provides the highest level of cleanliness within your home without damaging your possessions in the process.

Modern cleaners can even be used to wash carpets, as well as hovering them, and sell a range of Vax cleaners which might be capable of this.

These cleaners are a great investment and can ensure that airborne allergens are removed from your home as thoroughly as possible.

These cleaners are also easy to maintain and you can always find Vax Spares at These allow you to keep your cleaner in the best possible condition, ensuring that its performance does not diminish over time.

Of course, this is just one aspect of cleaning which you should undertake to reduce the chance of setting off your allergies.

It is also recommended that hard surfaces are cleaned thoroughly, using disinfectant where possible. This can also be used for tiles and floors. Individuals should remember to clean behind appliances and furniture on a regular basis to prevent allergen particles from being left there.

Curtains and other furnishings should be washed regularly and many retailers stock allergy free cushions and other related items. These can reduce the chance of setting off your allergies, making you more comfortable within your home.

Dusting is perhaps the final act of cleaning and should always be completed after vacuuming. This is because vacuum cleaning can make dust particles airborne, thus undoing any previous dusting efforts you have made.

Damp cloths or dusters achieve the best results when cleaning and ensure the particles are not simply redistributed.

Polishes can be used on wood and other materials and can also help to achieve a better finish.

The most important thing to remember is that anyone who suffers from allergies needs to be vigilant when cleaning. The best way to reduce the chances of your allergies being set off is to implement a strict cleaning regime and stick to it rigidly. 

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