Make Sure You Get a Spa Day This Xmas

How to wangle a spa break this Christmas

It doesn’t matter how often you tell yourself that you deserve to be spoiled with a spa break this festive season, if you can’t convince your significant other, it probably isn’t happening.

Men can be spectacularly useless when it comes to taking hints about presents, so if you don’t want to end up with a set of tea towels, Katie Price’s latest perfume or a box of Toblerone, you need to get your flirt on right now and start dropping hints about your spa day like there’s no tomorrow.

Sneaky Sneaky

If you have your heart set on getting away from it all and being pampered in-spa, you could try the ‘you need a break, darling’ technique. Practice your very best concerned look and tell him that he’s looking tired, and could do with a break. Scatter spa brochures around the house and leave them open at the sections on male grooming.  You have to make him think that it’s his idea, mind you, so offer to give him a back rub and suggest that his muscles feel so knotted up he could do with a professional massage – and did he know that the spa in town has his and hers spa days?

Mention the ‘take a friend for free’ spa deal you saw online, and keep up the repetition. Key things to remember here are to make him think you’re suggesting this purely out of concern for his wellbeing, and to emphasise this is a spa day for two. The last thing you want is for him to disappear off for the day on his own and not take you with him.

I’m Worth it

The second tactic may involve constant repeated reminders about how hard you work looking after the kids,  and him, and/or holding down a job. Adapt this tactic to your individual situation and work it. Start by wanting to sit down while you’re out shopping, or doing something together, and adding “I’m just so tired at the moment.”

Mention that you feel stiff and achy and could use a massage. Or that you’ve been so busy working, looking after the kids or decorating the kitchen (if you’ve done something like this recently you can really work this one) that you’ve had no time to look after yourself and your nails are terrible and you just look a mess. Mention the spa deal you saw the other day, how it’s really good value and you really would love to just take a day off and be looked after. Because you’re sure that you’ll feel SO MUCH better for it.

Golf and Spa

This one only works if your beloved is a golfing fan, but if he is, tempt him with the thought of a break where he gets to play golf without being nagged about spending time with you, because you’ll be in the spa having a whale of a time without him. Result!

Just Ask

Of course, the ideal way to get your spa-time out of the one you love for Christmas is simply to say, “Darling, if you were wondering what to get me this year, I’ve seen a really good deal on spa days online, and I really fancy it.” Well, honesty is the best policy.

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