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Keeping a child healthy is a big task that requires parents to understand how their offspring's body works. Those aged under 18 are often more prone to infection, aches and pains and in very small children such ailments can be more serious than in adults.

To ensure that children are given the best shot at developing into healthy adults they need to maintain a balanced diet. Eating high levels of calcium, for example, will help their bones become strong. Failing to supply the body with vital nutrients early on in life can set a child up for a string of problems further down the road.

Food a 5-year-old should eat

A five year old should eat a variety of different foods, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Parents should give their offspring three meals a day and discourage snacking in between.

The three key meals should include fruit, vegetables, lean meats and low fat dairy products, such as milk, cheese or yoghurt. Children should eat three servings of dairy a day to help their bones and prevent against diabetes.

Those aged five should avoid foods with high sugar content and fatty foods, while grains and products with iron should be encourages as they will help the child's growing requirements.

Parents can encourage their children to eat these foods by leading by example. If a child sees their elders tucking into cakes rather than the fruit salad they have been offered, they may feel reluctant to eat the less fatty option.

Healthy Kids Meals

Just because food is healthy does not mean it cannot be enjoyable. There are plenty of foods which are low in fat and high in the right nutrients that children can enjoy. Mums with a busy schedule can serve simple meals such as salmon and potatoes and vegetables, while even so-called fast foods like pizza do not have to be unhealthy. A pizza loaded with vegetables containing only a controlled amount of cheese can be a good source of nutrition.

Parents should also look over their child's school cafeteria menu with them. By advising children to avoid fatty foods such as fried chips in favour of fruit and vegetables parents can ensure that their offspring are not binge eating bad foods while at school.

Kids Should Exercise

A big part of being fit is keeping active. Children should take a minimum of five hours exercise per week. Parents can encourage this by going on long walks with their children, not offering them lifts to school and taking them to the local swimming pool.

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