Fitness plays a key role in your Health

An individual can boost their fitness levels by taking regular exercise, eating the right foods and making certain lifestyle choices, such as not smoking.

Fitness Program

In order to improve one's level of fitness it is sometimes a good idea to draw up a fitness programme. This will give an individual a rough timetable for activity, ensuring they have time to slot exercise into their daily routine. It will also enable a person to consider the type of exercise they want to undertake – different kinds will evoke varying degrees and types of fitness.

For those who have not done much exercise in a while, the good news is that scientists believe that activity has a more dramatic effect on those who are returning to exercise than for those who take part in sport regularly. This means that someone new to exercise should not feel alarmed if when they begin their fitness program small things like walking up a slope makes them experience shortness of breath.

Fitness Exercises

There are lots of different types of exercises and the key to formulating a successful fitness program is to find the type of exercise which suits you best. Different types of activity will also have different effects - namely, some will burn lots of calories and help an individual lose weight whereas others are geared towards helping a person tone up their figure.

People can choose between becoming a member of a gym, where they there will be a range of facilities for them to use, or exercising at home. There are also a variety of classes on offer, such as aerobics. Many women enjoy these classes for their sociability and the combination of exercise and dance that they provide.

Gym vs Home

This is one of the first decisions a person will have to make when embarking on a fitness program - and both options have their pros and cons. By joining a gym many people feel they have made a firm commitment to exercise which they therefore have a better chance of keeping.

Furthermore, gyms often have better facilities than most people can afford to have at home. Some gyms offer personal trainers to monitor an individual's progress, making it a more comprehensive package. However, some gyms can be extremely expensive to join and after an introductory period often require members to sign contracts which lock them in for a set period of time.

Installing a gym at home is an expensive alternative and also requires to individual to have a house big enough to accommodate a range of equipment. The advantage is that an owner of a home gym can exercise whenever it is convenient to them.

Sport Clubs – Keep playing!

For those who do not want to use a gym joining a sports team, such as a football club, could be an excellent way to keep active and make new friends, as well as maintain links with old buddies.



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