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While a relatively new type of exercise machine, cross trainers are becoming popular in both commercial gyms and the home. Often referred to as elliptical trainers, cross trainers provide an effective cardiovascular workout that exercises legs and arms, and are a low impact form of exercise machine, reducing the risk of injury and damage to joints.

Many professional sportspeople now use cross trainers as part of their regular exercise routines. This is because persistent exercises, such as running, can lead to damage to the joints and skeletal structure, resulting in injury or problems in later life. This is because of the continual impacts of pounding a running track or treadmill. However, cross trainers get around this problem by using an elliptical movement that doesn’t create any impacts that can damage joints.

How they work

Cross trainers are a low impact form of training that offer a comprehensive workout by exercising arms and legs that also improves cardiovascular function. Cross trainers are a sort of mix between exercise bikes, stairclimbers and treadmills, but are designed to ensure all movements are elliptical, in other words circular, which reduces impact.

A cross trainer has two foot pads that move up and down in a circular motion, mimicking a cross between walking and stair climbing. In addition, a cross trainer has two handles, which are simultaneously worked in an elliptical motion much like a skier uses ski poles. Most cross trainers are motorised, which enables you to program the speed and resistance, helping you to push yourself. While they can take a bit of getting used to, once you get the hang of a cross trainer you can exercise both the upper and lower body and avoid any of the injuries that can result in higher impact forms of exercise such as running.

Commercial and Domestic Cross Trainers

At Gymworld, you’ll find a wide range of cross trainers suitable for both home and commercial use. For the domestic user, cross trainers can range from the simple to the more sophisticated device. These can include all sorts of additional functions such as LCD screens that display distance travelled, heart rate, calories burned. However, if you are new to cross trainers, it is perhaps worth starting with a simpler machine that will be easier to learn to use.

For commercial gyms, a more advanced cross trainer is recommended as many gym users expect the extra functionality. Commercial cross trainers are designed to function in gyms and fitness centres, providing a robust, safe and reliable system that is suitable for both the regular gym user and the professional sports person wanting a more demanding workout.

Cross Trainers from Gymworld

Because of the huge variety of cross trainers available on the market, it helps to seek professional and experienced advice before making your purchase. Gymworld have over two decades of experience supplying exercise equipment to both home users and commercial premises, so have built up a wealth of knowledge as to what equipment is best in different circumstance. With showrooms in Manchester, you can try any of Gymworld’s cross trainers before you buy, or you can ask for unbiased, informative advice to help you choose the best model to suit your requirements.

All cross trainers supplied by Gymworld come with a warranty, include free delivery and installation, and are sold under Gymworld’s price promise. This guarantees you won’t find the same cross trainer at a lower price elsewhere. Furthermore, if you want advice on how to use your cross trainer, Gymworld’s friendly staff will be happy to assist you and provide guidance to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment.

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